Sick, again?

 Our little stinker is sick, AGAIN.
 Don't let these happy pictures fool you.
They are a few days old, and I promise
she is not this happy, nor this cute.
 Poor little sweetie has her first ear infection. 
It's actually our first with either of the girls
so I feel pretty lucky in that sense, but wasn't 
she JUST sick like two seconds ago?
 When this little miss is sick she just wants 
me, and no one else.
 Like don't look at her, don't talk to her if 
you aren't me or it will get ugly quick.
 And even though she has me, that does
not make her happy or content.  She just 
wants me to whine to constantly as I attempt
to snuggle her.
 She just keeps saying things like
"It hurts really bad!"  It's the saddest 
thing.  I hate having her not feel well!
I made her a nice dinner & she took one 
look at it and said "I go to bed!", I'm 
disappointed she didn't eat but you don't
have to ask us twice, good night!  I'm going
to go enjoy my wine, minus the whine.  : )

Please let her wake up feeling 100% better!!

We love you little Norie!!


Alaina said…
This year has been just awful with sickness! And poor thing...ear infections are the worst! I hope she feels better soon!

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