Fun with Friends

 We had a great time with the Torgy's & Uppys
over the weekend at the beach.

Us adults always have such a great time together
& our kids all gel so well, who could ask for more??

Here's the line up, they are pretty serious...
 Although really, not so much.
More like a bunch of goof balls!

 Cheesy during meals, super cheesy
during baths.

 These kids had a great time no matter
what they were doing!

 Love this one!

 We had lots of yummy sushi!
LOVE that.

 Super proud of Tiffani, we rocked her 
four mile run on Saturday.  She's training
for a half marathon & building up to longer
runs.  Sort of makes me want to do it with her...

 A little dance party in the living room.

 Love this one of Matt & Seren!
Such a great weekend!! 
Love our friends!

A few more pictures tomorrow, 
cause you know me...
: )


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