A little more beach. : )

 More pictures from our super fun trip,
& what's a beach trip without BEACH
pictures really?

 The kids had a lot of fun down on the 
beach.  It was really sunny & beautiful
the first few days but too windy for them.
 Sunday was totally overcast but perfect.

 Love, love.

 Rhi did the girls hair, so cute!!
Norah was first, then she asked Ava
if she wanted her hair done too.
"Yes, 5 ponytails please." very matter
of fact, way to raise the bar Rhi!!

 These girls are SUPER cute together.

 See what I mean?

 And the rest are from the phone:
 Here's the kids watching Super Cross with John.
 Cheesy happy little friends.
 This is long after John went to put Ava to bed,
I went to check on him, he was asleep & she was
still reading books.  He sort of woke up when I 
took this and she pet his head and said "Don't 
worry Dad, go back to sleep"  So funny!
 Just playing outside. : )
 Daddy love.
 Pinochle in the sun!
Day drinking leads to passing out at 8:30, 
followed by waking up to "rally" but switching
to Detox Tea, sorry Erik, there's not enough 
tea in the world.  : )

 Beach walk with my love.

Such a nice trip.  We are so thankful to
have such a great place to spend time with
our awesome friends!   

Until next time...can't wait!