Swimming & some other awesomeness

Oh by the way, we are going to Mexico, AGAIN! 
Could we be more lucky?? 

The answer is NO.

 One thing I can say is that the anticipation
for a trip like this brings out the planners in
both John & I.

John obsesses over the resort we will be 
staying at, the current temperature in Cabo,
the local area & distance to all things fun.

I obsess over making sure flip-flops fit, last
years summer clothes will work, getting 
through a plane ride with a 2 year old (I may
or may not of purchased some "sleepy juice"
to help her relax on the plane), getting together
headphones & splitters to share our tablet on 
the plane, practice using said items, and a million
other things I'm not thinking of right now.

One other thing I got Norah was a new life jacket.
It's a little different so I wasn't sure she would 
take to it right away and figured we better give
it a good test run before the big trip.

So Monday I took the girls swimming, 
with my Mom's help. 
 Norah was SOOOO EXCITED!!!
 Ava was regular excited.
 But Norah was beside herself, she could
barely stand just the thought of it!
 This is the new life jacket, super cute,
I LOVE it.  It was a little tricky but she 
caught on fast.  Every now and then it would
roll her onto her back but I taught her to just
relax & then try to flip herself over. 

By the time we left she was getting the hang
of it.  Pretty cute!  I so wish I would of taken a 
video of her happiness when she first got in the 
pool, it was so over the top!

She eventually got really hungry and tired and 
decided it was time to go get something to eat.

She swam over to Mom & Ava and said, "C'mon
kids!  Let's go, we go get a burger!"

She cracks me up.  And she ate the whole burger,
as her non-red meat eating mother cringes...

Anyhow, super excited about Mexico & glad to
have one more thing checked off my to-do list. 
: )


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