HB My Love.

 Happy Birthday to one of the very best 
men I have ever known.

So proud to call him my husband.

Love you my love.  You really are the very best 
thing that's ever happened to me.  I feel like the 
luckiest girl in the whole world.  

Hope you have the very best birthday.

Me & your girls adore you, we celebrate you 
every day, but your birthday is one more great
reason to do so!  (The official day is actually 
tomorrow but why not stretch it out??) Yay!
 We're actually doing a pretty good job of 
stretching it out, John did a special Daddy &
Ava breakfast on Wednesday followed by a 
great date night with me that night.
 Obviously I won out on that deal.... : )

 Love my wonderful husband!!
Today is actually Billy's birthday.  
Couldn't love her more if I tried! 

Happy Birthday to two of my very favs!!


Alaina said…
Happy birthday to your hubby!!!

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