Sick Day

Yesterday I woke up not feeling so hot.
I went right back to bed as John settled
Norah into the living room with a show &
some snacks.

I knew I had to get up & try to get our day
going, but I just didn't have it in me.

I finally got us all up, ready & fed and we 
headed out to the library.  My main goal
at this point was just to burn through some
time so that we could drop off Ava at school
& get home to take a nap.  (Generally I don't 
believe in naps for myself)

When Norah got up and wandered off from
where Ava & I were reading books I felt 
like I was going to cry at the thought of 
chasing her down.  

We eventually got Ava to school & Norah
down & that was it.  I laid on the couch the 
rest of the day, feeling not up for anything.

Both the kids were so sweet, each laying on 
me snuggling, Ava petting my head, saying 
"Mommy you never get sick" and 
Norah crawling across my weak stomach.

Thankfully John took over the kids completely
and sent me to bed.  I think I was asleep by 
8:30 and woke up feeling so much better today.

Today we are going to The Ladybug Theater on
a field trip for Ava's class.  Should be fun. 

I'm not 100% yet but so much better that I can't 
complain. Seriously, who has time for sick days?

Not me. 


guzzi guy said…
Hope you are better soon!
Alaina said…
I feel ya...I'm at home sick, as well. Hope you feel better soon!