Details, Details...

 For me, throwing a party is so fun.
I love the details of it all. 
 I'm not saying it's not a little stressful,
it would be cake if you didn't have two 
sick kids hanging on your legs while 
you are trying to get things done, but if 
you didn't have THAT, there wouldn't be
a reason to even have this party, 
so there is that.  : )
 Party Favors
 Wine Charms
 Pictures Galore.
 Ladybug Crackers
I love how these turned out!  SO cute!
 Ladybug Cupcakes

These cupcakes were supposed to look
more like this:
but no, they didn't turn out that way exactly.
I think my cream cheese wasn't soft enough
so it had little chunks & blocked the little 
holes on the grass decorating tip I was using.
None the less I was just happy the little ladybug
candies showed up, I ordered them off of Amazon
and they literally showed up an hour & a half 
before the party started.  : )
 Caprese Skewers.
This is my new go to appetizer, it's so 
pretty & everyone always loves it.
 Another favorite of the party was these
little peanut butter & jelly "sushi" rolls.
 Sandwich Skewers
 Rice Crispy Treat Candy Sushi
The kids LOVED this.  
I think they are adorable, also super easy
to make!

I'm not sure if this was a birthday party 
or a PINTEREST party!  Ha!

Gotta love Pinterest!  So fun!


Okay, Aubrey's birthday party is February 16th. I will pay you to come out here and do all of this cute stuff because we're just ordering Subway, cake, buying chips and pop...and I couldn't decide on party favors - whether you even do that for a 1st birthday party.