Thursday, February 28, 2013

Laughing through it.

So today wasn't great, I am still in recovery
mode I guess.  I was able to get the kids to 
Ava's field trip but sadly Norah wasn't up 
for sitting through a puppet show, for KIDS.
Did she not get the memo that this shit is fun?

 Being sisterly.
 & Crazy.
 & Funny
 I dressed one of these kids, the other dressed
herself, can you guess which?? 
 This girl has a firm grip on fashion, 
just not always my taste in it.
But what do I know, right??
 Stacking fun!
 Norah was trying to stack her cheese & pineapple too.

 She might not be able to sit through a puppet show
but this girl is her own bundle of entertainment. 

She equally drives me insane & makes me laugh
300 times a day.  

Love these crazy kids.


Alaina said...

Your girls are too much! So cute :-)