Friday, February 1, 2013

A Letter to Norah

Dear Norah,

It makes me laugh now to think back to before you existed at all & how I really couldn't imagine loving another child as much as I love Ava. She was the first and had filled my heart so completely, it was hard to imagine that any one could come close in comparison with the overwhelming love I felt for her. 

But I didn't know YOU. 

You my dear are just as heart-stealing, just as precious, just as perfectly amazing as she ever was (even more so in some moments!).  You make us laugh constantly, you are hilarious.  You drag us around the house saying "C'mon!  Watch this!!"  You are so sweet & loving, you ask for hugs & kisses and say "Thanks Mom." when I give them to you.  You run into Ava's arms each morning so excited to have her join you in your fun day.  You two play so well together (most of the time).  It's just the sweetest thing. 

You are in a constant struggle with wanting to do everything yourself and needing help to actually do it.  "I do it myself!! I do it myself!! Want to help me??"  You point out everything in the room & tell us what it's called, you love to point out every similarity we have with you, "You have eyes!  Me eyes! (as you poke every one's eyes out) You have ears, look, my ears!!" 

You drive me a little batty with your eating habits, one day you will LOVE something then next you will look at me like I'm insane for feeding it to you.  I just can't keep up, I never know if you will actually eat something I give you.  It's pretty frustrating.  You are an extremely messy eater too, just yesterday morning I caught you shoving chocolate muffins down your shirt (which you refer to as your "pocket").  Every time we give you yogurt you tend to attempt some sort of hair mask with it.  You also like to alert us to your being done eating by tossing leftover food onto the floor.  

There really isn't much you can't say.  You've been talking in full sentences for a long time already.  You are just a little mini person full of opinions & preferences.  It's pretty adorable.  Not getting your way never goes over well but really what else could we expect?  You can pull it together pretty quickly, for the most part.  You love to go do things, get out of the house, go play.  You always are tracking where we are going if either John or I leave.  If I put on my running shoes you say "Shoes on, you go running?  I run!!" Then you run around in circles for awhile.  If I put my yoga clothes on you say "Momma go to yoga?" and then you show me your Downward Dog skills. 

Sadly, you are a total TV addict.  First thing in the morning we have a routine of watching PBS while we wait for Ava to wake up and you run out and say "I watch! I watch" then you grab the remotes and start trying to turn everything on.  You love to watch Ava & Daddy play video games or "cycles with Daddy" and say weeeee as they go around the track fast. 

You have such a great memory for people & past experiences.  When you see a picture of Alayah you always say "Cousin!", when you see Aunt Linda you talk about her dog Remi licking your face, I ask you if you want Max to come over & play and you say "He will hurt me." : ( 

You are a pretty good sleeper, some nap resistance happens here & there, sending me into a slight panic that you will pull the No Naps After Two crap that Ava pulled.  I'm not sure I could be happy without that break yet, as I tell you all the time, You don't want Mommy to go crazy right? THEN what would we do??  So please, hold onto those at least another year or so, OK? 

You are such a sweet, loving little girl.  You love sitting on our laps and being carried around everywhere.  You give the best hugs and the sweetest smiles.  You light up this house in a way I can't even put into words.  It's just so hard to imagine our lives without you filling them up.  What did we ever do before you??

It's crazy that you are only two, you seem so much older, but I'm also determined to keep you little, my last little baby. 

We love you sweet girl.  You complete this family.  We all adore you so.

I'm so excited to see what TWO will bring us. 

Happy Birthday little Norie!

 How fun to look back on all these *first* pictures.  

And here are a few from her turning ONE.

And a more current-ish one, just for fun!



Alaina said...

Happy birthday, little girl!

julie b said...

Happy birthday sweetest little four year old Norah! We love you so much!