Friday, February 22, 2013

From the phone : )

 Here are a few photos over the last week
from my phone. 
 We had a fun date night last weekend.
Aunt Linda is the best and volunteered to 
watch the kiddos.  Billy & Trevor were 
already downtown having a night off too &
Jessica decided to join us also, super fun!!
 Love my husband!!
This was one of the tacos we ate how would you 
pronounce it?  I know how I would....

Our night was filled with great food, we started out 
our evening happy-hour hopping near Linda's house
on Alberta Street, all kinds of great restaurants out there!

We started out at Bernie's Bistro, then hit up the Cruzroom,
next was Saucebox for dinner and we ended the evening
with ice cream from the super popular Salt & Straw.
 The line was out the door, are they serious??
This was a picture of Ava that was sent to me 
while we were out.  I knew she was a rock star!!
 Love my Sister!!  It was super funny at
one point John turned to Jessica and said 
"Of course we love having you with us!  You 
are like family!" then we died laughing forever.
I added "You are like a Sister to me!!!"  hahahahaha

 Cutie little Ava playing in the snow.
Bath time fun!
 That face.
 She is so cheesy-adorable.
 Rough life!
Who needs a stroller any way?  Thanks for carrying 
my coffee Norah!  : )

Of course if you follow me on Instagram this is all 
old news but whatever.

We are currently in the middle of snow country with
a few FEET expected to fall over the next few days.
Love it!

Hope you are having an equally fabulous week!


Rachel said...

So pretty Sarah!
Ha ha that taco name...yeah that's how I'd say it too ;)
Love the pic of Ava with the guitar!