Monday, February 11, 2013


 We spent the weekend in Seattle visiting with 
John's awesome family.  We love going there,
although the drive there has been a bit rough
in the past with this little girl...
But here's Norah this time, 
between watching movies & sleeping &
constant snacks, she did great!!  It was one 
of our very quickest, least painful trips so far. : )
 I love how tiny Norah looks compared to this big piano.
 She's so sweet the way she plays, very gently
& thoughtfully, sometimes making up songs
to sing along as she goes.

 Everyone gets such a kick out of these sweet girls.
They LOVE Auntie C.

We had lots of great food, great conversation & a ton
of fun catching up with each other.
 Reading with Auntie Anne
 Some good Ticket to Ride action.  : )
 Auntie C
 Cousin Erik
 We got to go on a little hike on Saturday.
 Although hiking is made much more difficult
with 2 little kids in tow, one needing to be
carried the whole way, the other complaining. : )

 We had a great weekend.  
We only wish it wouldn't of gone by so fast!
Norah, even though due for a nap, stayed awake
& happy the entire ride home!  Here she is shortly 
there after, I think she was down for the count around
six!  I'm a little scared for what that translates to in
terms of what time she will wake up in the morning...
Even this girl crashed out early, and that never happens!

What a great weekend.  Love that John's family isn't 
too far away that we can just jump in the car and make
getting together happen, we miss them!!  

Hopefully we will see Bob & Barbie next!  : )