Monday, February 25, 2013

Puppies & Birthdays

 We finished up our week at the mountain
celebrating Grandpa John's birthday.  It was
fun, his parents joined us, as did Chris &
D'Auna.  They even brought their newest little
addition, Izzy.

 The kids were THRILLED.

 They all had so much fun playing with her!

 Ava found some kids outside to play with too,
that was great, we all got to stay in, where it
was warm.  : )

 I adore this one, these little girls are so cute 
 Us big girls aren't so bad either.  : )

You know me, always making everyone pose...

 The girls had a lot of fun playing with
Great Grandma Judy!


 Alayah is adorable!!

 The birthday boy.
 He's really 56 but who's counting?
 I love the look he & Ava are giving each other here.

We had a nice little celebration that included Thai 
food, amazing cake & ice cream, good company
& a lot of playing with little Izzy.

 We all fell in love with her.

 She's just so stinking cute!!
All partied out.

Time to go home, it's been a great week,
back to the real world.  : )