Norah's Birthday Party

We had a great party for our little
two year old. 
She was on her 6th day of a fever &
not feeling so hot, but I'm not sure anyone
noticed, she was still happy & smiling.

So many wonderful family & friends joined
us to celebrate our little Norie.
Love this family.
 Them too!
 Mom & Daughters : )
 The beautiful Bayli
 Norah was THRILLED when she realized
she was getting a DOG FOR HER 

Just kidding, her favorite little Remmy 
came to visit at her party though, and to 
her that was just as good, to us visiting
 Such a good mommy.
 Jessica & Vashi
 Angi & Dad

 Walking her dog : )
 Sweet Silly Brothers
 Norah had so much fun throwing this stuff
all over the house (thanks Billy!)  : )
 The party took a big change for the crazy when 
this gift was opened!  100 plastic balls being 
chucked everywhere, people all made excuses to 
leave shortly thereafter  (thanks Erik!)
 So cute!
 Norah loves her ladybugs.  
John even found a real one in our
house that day, lucky!
 Birthday Girl

Thank you so much for everyone who
came to help us celebrate!  It was a super 
fun party.  We feel very blessed to have so
much love & support surrounding our little
family.  We love you all!!


guzzi guy said…
Great party! Norah was such a little trooper for being sick and all.