Thursday, November 15, 2012


Not much happens around here when the
littles aren't feeling well.  We just hang out,
Norah was actually somewhat excited when
I packed her up this morning to rush off to
the doctors.  If I knew how long they were 
going to make us wait, I would of taken my 
time : )

 Ava is such a goofball.   : )

 I snapped these pictures while she was on the
phone with Auntie Jessica, I couldn't, and still
can't get over how OLD she looks in them.
 She's been acting like a naughty teenager all day.
 We think it has something to do with me 
holding this little girlie all day, Ava's feeling
a little left out.  She did try to push her way 
onto my lap several times but it was just 
making Norie cry so she had to be kicked off. 
: (
 This is how we found Norah when she woke 
up from her nap, somehow she pulled both 
her shirts down over her waist.  Poor little one
has a rash all over her tummy.  The doctor said
she has a sore throat but not strep & to just wait
it out.  If she still has a fever on Friday we call. 
 So for now we wait & hope she wakes 
up all better. 
I'm glad we have this little naughty one to 
entertain us.  She is great when she's not 
having her teenage moments.  Maybe tomorrow
Norah will feel well enough to let Ava have a 
turn on my lap, that might snap her out of it!  

I long for being able to take them to do something
fun again, it's so nice to break up our day and run
some energy off.  They need it!  Hell, I NEED IT.

Here's to waking up WELL.  : )


Anonymous said...

Praying for you guys! You are a good momma!

viewfromdownhere said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!