Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Potty Alarm.

Ok, so Ava has been one of those girls that 
was forced potty trained at one years old.  

That doesn't necessarily mean that it worked out...

In fact, not so much.  

She was resistant, to say the least.

She did potty train pretty well but at 
night there was some issues.

Anyhow, I finally, at the age of 4, decided 
to get her a potty alarm.  

She was doing great during the day, just not
so much at night.

This little alarm got great reviews.  

Sure enough, it has done wonders. 

She has only actually had the alarm go off
once.  She needed to get up & go potty but
outside of that, there was no issue.

The thing has been great.  I don't think she 
really needed it that bad, in retrospect, but it
has helped so much none the less.

We went from thinking we were over 
accidents, to frequent accidents, to 
Which is great. 

I think just the physiological aspect of it 
helped so much that the physical aspect of 
it became sort of irrelevant. 

Oh well, what ever works.

She's doing so great that she doesn't even
have to wear it anymore.  Pretty awesome,
if you ask me.  Love that girl.

So proud.