Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Weekend = Fun

We had a great weekend!  

First off Bayli is here, which always makes
me so happy.
 Second, we got to go to a party on Saturday 
Night.  It was Mary's 70th birthday, boy do 
they know how to throw a party!

Bayli watched the kids so Erik &
Tiffani got to join us too.  It was a family party
so we got to be with all our favorite peeps.
 We didn't leave the dance floor much. 
 Erik, Tiffani & Linda : )
 Abby & Jessica
 Jess & Mom
 My love.
So fun to get a night out together & especially
for a family get together, my family is so FUN!!
See these mushrooms?  We came across them on
a walk the other day & I was so in love I forgot to
take a picture!  Isn't that weird?  Well, I haven't 
stopped regretting that since and had to go back
and hunt them down.  Now I feel better, 
I'm so weird. 

We also went to Abby's soccer game in the wettest 
coldest weather ever, followed that by taking Linda
to hot yoga then finished up the night with Thai food,
Ticket to Ride & Pinochle.  Super fun night. 

I'm really glad Bayli doesn't have school Monday,
I got to keep her an extra night, yay!

I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving!  
I really need to start organizing that, I'm excited,
outside of the fact that I might of just got tricked
in to cooking the turkey this year....yikes!
Happy Weekend.


guzzi guy said...

Looks like super fun!