Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Home Sick.

Here's a few more pictures from our 

Right now we are just hunkering down,
trying to get Norah well.  
 I wish this was a current photo.  
Happy, smiling, WELL.  : (
Three laptops, she's just one of the girls.
 I miss Bayli already!!
She's so cute.  Love that girl.

(Well except for a minute ago when I went
to check on a supposed-to-be-sleeping Ava
and I caught her eating Halloween candy
that she sneaked in her room, that wasn't so 
But I forgive her naughtiness, she is so good
most of the time, and who can resist candy?  
It's so delicious!  AMIRIGHT?

Please send healing thoughts for little Norie,
if you need me I will be holding her all day.

Her sweet little head laying on my chest, 
that's the one nice thing about sickies : )


guzzi guy said...

I hope that Norah gets well very soon and that it doesn't spread.

Nain said...

aw, feel better, Norah!

Cadie said...

Hope Norah feels better quickly! Although, the snuggles are truly the best :)