Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Dad

In retrospect I should of posted this YESTERDAY.
Oh well, I was stuck on the order of things and 
didn't think that through.

Anyhow, on Sunday we celebrated Dad's birthday,
we had brunch out at Skamania Lodge.  I had never
been there before so I was super excited at the 
choice of location.
 The place is just beautiful.
 Right when we walked in Ava saw this couch
and ran towards it, jumping on, expecting it to 
be soft, it's wicker!  Ha!  She was shocked.
Auntie Love & my adorable husband.

 The girls loved the wooden rocking chairs by the fire.
 We made our way into the party & got to see the
birthday boy.  It was great how many of Dad's 
friends were able to make it out to celebrate him.
I was expecting a small family gathering but this
was so much better!
 Love Grandpa!
 & Grandma : )
 Great food, Ava was thrilled.
 It didn't take long before I had to give up
the wonderful buffet and resume chasing 
the children.  Norah really only has about 
a 15 minute sit-at-a-restaurant time frame.
 We had fun exploring the place.  
It was beautiful outside so I let them
run around out there a bit.
 Of course the halls were a hit too.
 Ava could sit at a table for hours, especially if
you keep food like this coming:
She was super excited when I let her
fill her plate with desserts.  
That had to of been a first for her.  
Really I just wanted a bite.  : )
Love these two.

Happy Birthday Dad!!
Thank you for everything!
 What a great day.  


viewfromdownhere said...

What is that delicious dessert???

And this is hilarious - stop by my blog, as today is my dad's bday, and I dedicated my post to him too :-) Too funny!

guzzi guy said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for capturing this!