Wednesday, November 28, 2012

No more PHOTOS??

Um.  Well.  I just edited some photos to share,
as I do, and the good old blog says I've reached
my limit?  I can't add any more photos without
paying money??  

What the heck?

I'm so NOT happy.  Had I saw this coming,
at all, I would of reduced the size of my photos
every time.  I would of maybe not put 50 in a post.
I just wish they would of given me some warning.

Maybe there was some fine print I skimmed right
over.  Ugh.  

John suggests I go back and delete photos?

Or start a new blog?  

I don't know, those options just make me even 
more mad.  

Any suggestions?

What would this blog be without all the millions
of photos of my kids?  

Would I have to type more???  : ) 


Alaina said...

What the heck??? There is a photo limit???