Friday, November 16, 2012


Not much has changed here but we 
are thankful that the kids can pull it 
together for some cute photos : )
 These first couple are of Ava's all Hello Kitty 
outfit, she was pretty pleased with herself.
 Of course Norah had to jump in,
sticker on the forehead and all.

 I heart her.

 I love when I leave the house and come home 
to find my camera in a different spot, that means
John took pictures while I was away, they must 
of been up to some serious cute, like wearing 
Daddy's glasses : )

 She looks so scholarly!

 Cute! Cute!

Again, hope she wakes up healthy and happy, 
these pictures are not a very good reflection 
of her actual mood.  

Thankful she can find good moments though.
That's one thing I want to teach her, your glass
isn't half full, it's running over, we are so very


guzzi guy said...

Norah looks like a research scientist! ;-) Is Ava wearing the necklace we brought as well. Couldn't see.

Cadie said...

Hope that sickness leaves your house soon! It was just visiting us a couple weeks ago. Boo! Love Norah's glasses. So funny! Hopefully, we can get the girls together soon. I have to set up a play date with D soon, I'll have her get a hold of you and maybe we can all meet up with the little ladies! :)

Sarah said...

Yes Dad, she was & Cadie I would LOVE that!!