Friday, November 30, 2012

This time last year...

I'm excited for this weekend.  

We are having a little "Fried Turkey Party"
over at Erik's Friday night and then Saturday
we are getting our tree.  

Christmas is going to be extra fun this year. 
Both girls are already so excited. 

It's great that Norah is older & can enjoy it more.
 Here she is this time last year, just a baby, 
about 11 months old.
 Oh her littleness...
 The two, with Santa.
 Ava & Daddy, funny she doesn't really look much 
different to me at all, just a little taller.
 Good girl, we try to keep them from growing up 
too fast!
She's so cute, but had I not known this was taken
last December I would of thought these were all 
current photos.  
It's much easier to judge the age with little Norah in 
the picture.  

Can't wait to see their happy little faces Saturday night! 

Have a great weekend!!