Monday, November 5, 2012

Party Time.

We had THREE parties over the weekend.  

Three parties = One million photos 

The only logical thing to do is cover 
them one at a time.

First up:  Nate's Birthday Party.  
He turned 6.  (You may recall Nate is 
Ava's future husband)
 It was a costume party, although I forgot 
that little detail.
 Thankfully they just happened to have an extra
lion costume laying around, but really?  
Who doesn't?
 Max is adorable.
 The lion was pretty scary.
 Jesse & Jessica, our lovely hosts.
 Elvis : )
 The whole place was decorated perfectly.
 With Minnie.

 I always hang my Pinata from an electrical cord.
But really?  Who doesn't?
 Nate was first up to bat.
 All the kids got a good swing.

 Mom's turn!  Candy is flying!
 It's good they did this.  
We were feeling pretty low on candy
around here...  : )
 Cake time!!
 Happy Birthday Nate!
 Loving little Elvis.
 That baby doesn't even look real.  Ha!
 Ava had a great time.  

Now off to the next party.
More on that tomorrow...


viewfromdownhere said...

Wow, 3 parties? You guys are party animals! :)