Monday, August 19, 2013

Sleep Over

Ava & Morgan had their first official sleep over together on Friday.
They were both thrilled.

They were having such a great time playing they barely wanted to leave when I suggested we go to a play place.

 We hit up Out of this World for some fun and a bite to eat.
We generally don't spend a bunch of extra money on games but we found a game card on the ground and it had $5.00 on it so the kids got to go wild!

They all climbed and bounced and ran and played until we tired them out.
It was super fun!
The sky was beautiful as we headed home.
 Off to bed for the three of them, they took half of forever to fall asleep but eventually they all did, I think it was a little after 11, they were all up and at it by 7am, yikes!  

First thing they wanted to do?  Play with Play-Dough. 
 Next pancakes and then off to a field trip with Ava's old preschool class. 
 This one was at Magnolia Park, super fun!

 Morgan is so beautiful!!

 Norah adores her, I think she feels the same, I heard her say she wished she had a little sister... (Get on that Katharina!!)

 They are adorable together!!
She's so TWO.  
 Class shot!
 After the park we headed home and painted rocks.

Such a fun little over-night.  I'm really gllad Ava has Morgan in her life!  

I adore her mom too, couldn't ask for better friends! : )