Friday, August 2, 2013

Little hike with lots of littles...

 As I've mentioned before, we still get invited on the preschool field trips, which we love.  This one was to Tualatin Hills Nature Park, which is a great easy hike for kids.
 I didn't bother bringing the stroller because I figured Norah would enjoy walking and seriously how far would they go with a million little kids in tow?  Right?? 

 The answer is 3 miles, I believe.

 It was really fun!  Norah did however decide she need me to carry her for the last half or so.
 The kids stopped every few feet to check out holes in the ground, stumps, moss or anything else that caught their eye. 

 The group!  Norah doesn't look too happy, turns out she felt she deserved to sit on the bench.
 So I let her and all was well in the world again...

 Such a goof ball!

 More benches?  Yes please.

 Norah's so tiny, yet so big.
 Why so serious Ava??
 She had to read all the signs.
Can you spot Norah in this picture?

Super fun outing, thankful we still get included!
: )