Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beach Birthday.

 Sunday our beach trip switched gears, the family came together to celebrate Scott's Birthday.
 Here we are enjoying some s'mores down at the Surftide fire pits.

 Norah offering to share her s'more with the light?

 We had such relaxing days at the beach with perfect weather.

 Colton dug and dug until he was exhausted.  Someones got to build the race track moat!

 There was just enough wind to sort of fly a kite, which is perfect, too much wind can make playing down there way too cold and not so much fun.

 Colton & Ava had the very best time together, I love their relationship! Cousins are the best.

 They loved playing in the water!

I think Scott had a really good time, we all did.  We hiked, played on the beach, the siblings golfed twice and hit up the casino, we played lots of Pinochle, ate great food & just enjoyed each others company.
I think my favorite part was sitting around the table last night after dinner, reminiscing about Scott, Linda & Mom's childhood.  We dove in and weeded through it, laughing and loving the parents that nurtured and contributed to how each of the siblings turned out.  We discussed ways they saw each of their parents in themselves.  It was so interesting and fun to listen to.  

What a blessing to spend this last few days together, I'm feeling so very grateful, not just for this family but for opportunities like this to really come together.  Love it. 


viewfromdownhere said...

Looks like the kids had a blast! And man, Norah's hair is getting so long!

svtorgy said...

Wonderful birthday full of memories. Great pics, as always. Thanks for being there. Uncle Scott

Shelly said...

Love looking at all your pictures, they are great. The next best thing tobeing there!!!