Thursday, August 1, 2013

From the phone...

Hi! Happy Thursday!  

I think I finally caught up on photos, well sort of.  There are a whole slew on my camera I haven't got to yet, but at least I caught up with my computer, right?? I'm getting closer!! : )

It's already past midnight so let's just do a few phone ones, sound good?
Here are the cuties at the library on Monday.
Norah kept trying to pick up the ducks.  You can guess how well that went...
Here's a picture of all 10 of my toenails, we all need to take a moment to appreciate them while they last. I made some stupid comment out loud right before my half saying that I didn't understand why runners lost toenails?  Why wouldn't they just buy shoes that didn't rub on their toes, with a bigger toe box?  I think I may of gone so far as to say that it would never happen to me...well as soon as I finished the race my toe felt very tender under the nail.  I tried not to put too much worry into it.  Many moons later I took off my polish to discover it was totally BLACK.  Yikes.  I LOVE my toenails, please, please don't leave me!!
My beloved friend Carmen came over for dinner last night, so fun!  The girls and I had picked fresh blackberries down the street and you know what they say about when life hands you fresh blackberries, right??!  Make blackberry margaritas of course!! 

Don't they say that....well they should!!
They were delicious!


guzzi guy said...

Fresh blackberry margaritas sound like the bee's knees!