Monday, August 5, 2013

Family Float Party

I took a little break from taking pictures over the weekend which is unfortunate since we had such a blast and it would of been really great to document.  I'm hoping Abby, who did take lots of pictures will send me some of her favorites once she gets a chance to edit them. 
We spent the weekend attending a float party up at Scott & Vivienne's house, they live off the Little North Fork of the Santiam River.  It is beyond beautiful and so very peaceful.
 Such a wonderful spot!!  The water was pretty low so we didn't get to float far but it was still really fun! We had lots of great food and wonderful company.  
 The party was also to celebrate Tiffani's birthday!  She turned 15 and 22, just like me!  : )

We had planned on camping overnight but it turned out that there wasn't that many people sleeping over so we even got a real bed.  Ava & Colton still insisted on camping though, so up the tent went. 
 The neighbors, who are the founders of the PPCS also were throwing quite the party & they welcomed us to join their crew.
We ended our night with a lovely campfire, complete with some great campfire songs, followed by a little pinochle before we turned in.

In the morning the neighbors served us camp style omelets, which was new concept to me, but oh so brilliant!  They were serving a good 30 plus people omelets and I was wondering how they would successfully pull this off, they put out all the fixings, had each person grab a zip-lock baggie, write their name on it and fill the bag with the ingredients of their choice along with 2 eggs, seal, mix, get all the air out, reseal and boil in a pot of water.  They turned out so perfect!  I was totally impressed!
 Between us and the neighbors there were a ton of people and floats out.  We were having so much fun , we just couldn't leave, we ended up staying all day Sunday too, floating the day away, laughing and having a great time!

Thank you Scott & Vivienne for putting on such a fun party!  We loved every minute!! 

*I stole a few of these photos from the PPCS's website, hope they don't mind, I promise to save a few periwinkles in their honor.  : )