Friday, August 9, 2013

Perfect Day.

Today was a good day.  

Not just good, dang near perfect.  

Ok, let's be serious, it was perfect, not one thing was out of order.
Both kids got perfectly taken care of, by someone other then me, which automatically means they were graced with more patience, just saying...
Norah needs a little work still, don't we all...
My love was FINALLY able to take a day off and come enjoy the river with me.  John works so hard, I can't tell you how much I appreciate how hard he works so I can stay home with our kids, each time I am blessed to have a day to hang out on the river I am so happy, but sad he is not with me.  This day has been my dream in the making forEVER.  Love that it finally is here.

Nothing makes me more happy.

He deserves this far more then I ever do and he never gets to go.

We had perfect weather.

I said lots of prayers that we would have a good day with no one falling in and just pure happiness all around, and that's exactly what we had.  

Love, love, love it!! 

So blessed.


guzzi guy said...

Wow! That really is a great day!

Alaina said...

So great you got to spend a day together, and what a beautiful day, too!