Monday, August 12, 2013

Beach Run, so FUN!

 So I decided to do another race.  This one was only a 10k and for fun really because I wanted to do it with my friends!!  The race was in Pacific City, so why not make a whole beach-trip weekend around it??  It's really the only logical thing to do...
 Race swag, hats for the husbands!  We also got Tillamook cheese, a cool shirt, a deck of cards and a free beer!

 We did the Cedar Creek Beach Challenge.  I made these poor women get up early so we could make the race "in time" meaning early enough to avoid traffic, find a parking spot, and collect our race numbers.  We needed lots of time, my last race was a nightmare when it came to these things...
 We had even secured a parking spot through "connections" in Pacific City, turns out the parking lot of the Pelican Brewery, where the race was starting was nearly empty?!?!!  Oh and we were greeted with this sign, I'm not sure we have laughed so hard EVER.  Clearly this race wasn't exactly what we were expecting. 
 We did overhear a woman saying that she had done this race last year and it was "Super challenging" and she got wet up to her waist!!  We were a little scared!
 Being scared clearly called for some Rockstar.  And Fig Newtons.  And new purple sweatpants...Rhi was really looking for running shoes but gift shops are quite limited...

 Here's the start.  Us and 30 of our closest friends...
Love them both!!

The race was just an out and back on the sand.  It had a few tricky areas where we were running sideways on a hill and lots of puddles that you couldn't avoid at all, so super wet, sandy feet, but not too bad!
 My many attempts at taking photos while we ran...
 My favorite of the bunch!
Post-race, we made it!
 The husbands posted a photo on FB saying "This is how men do breakfast" featuring some potatoes and bacon and such, this photo was our response to that, "This is how women do breakfast", beer in hand.
Love, love, love these ladies!! 

Nothing better than starting your day with a nice race and great friends!
Love that!


guzzi guy said...

Looks like fun was had by all. Even the husbands back home.