Running with Friends

Yesterday I did my first organized run,
which was a four mile gig through Peacock Lane.

I'm excited about it for a few reasons, first off I've
never run with anyone, ever.  I just usually run by 
myself outside, near our home.   I have been nervous
about running with other people because I wasn't sure
I could keep up.  

But I could!  : )

We kept with a 9:30 pace.  I'm pretty happy with that.

Secondly, since I'm not used to running with anyone I
also had anxiety over doing organized running.  I don't
really like crowds, at all, so that part is tricky for me too.

But it was only bad for a few minutes here and there,
then we actually got to run, and it felt great.
I was scared the weather was going to be cold & wet
but it ended up being really nice, no rain at all!

The best part was that I got to do it with Billy.  
I'm really happy with how it went.
I feel like it got me over a few hurtles.
Now I'm actually excited to run with other people
and maybe even try some 10k kind of event.
I really felt like I could keep going after the 4.

Afterwards we met up with Jessica to see some 
of her pole tricks, she is getting REALLY good at 
this stuff!
  We ended the evening with a nice happy hour 
night cape with Jessica, Jeff & Fernanda.  
Really fun night, love my peeps : )


guzzi guy said…
Congratulations! Nice break through stuff.
Nain said…
Way to go! Good for you!