Christmas Eve.

 Santa visited our house a day early, 
you know, cause he's so busy.  How could
he possibly cover all the houses in one day?

 He had set up a new car track for the girls.
 The kids had a ton of fun opening presents.
 First thing Ava said was "Now where is that pink &
purple ball??"  (The one thing on her list)

 Hello Kitty, always a win.
 After our nice morning & relaxing afternoon together
we headed out for our traditional Christmas Eve 
gathering with my Mom's side of the family.  

I made this:
 Which is little caprese skewers with a balsamic glaze,
delicious & the perfect colors!  I also made a feta dip
that has tomatoes & green onions mixed in, equally
festive.  : )
This was my other project.  Habanero Hibiscus infused
margaritas.  This was my first attempt after having the 
best drink ever in a bar last week.  It was good but 
theirs was definitely better.  Maybe next time : )
 All prettied up.

 Lots of yummy food, as always.

 Licking the whipped cream off the beaters.

 So happy to be naked.
 Dancing with joy.

 Taking it too far.
 More cute.
Super cute.

Great night filled with wonderful family & friends. 

What a great start to our two-day extravaganza!


Alaina said…
Looks like a fun time! And you've intrigued me with the drink...not sure I could go with the habanero peppers....