Kids Museum Field Trip

 Here are a *few* pictures from our field trip to 
the Children's Museum the other day. 
 Norah is happy as a clam to join in on the fun!

 Some of the group shot : )

 Sound & light machine.

 Buying tickets.
 Giant Light Brite.
 This was kind of cool, projects your image onto the wall.

 In a tree.

 Water fun.

 Norah noticed if she tossed her funnel in the water
it would float down the river.  If she screamed real 
loud Mom would retrieve it for her....not sure that 
was a good plan.

 Toy hoarders, both of them.
It was a great trip to the museum.  The fact that
the morning started off snowing really worked in 
our favor, the place was basically empty.

Another successful school field trip, yay!