Merry Christmas!!

I have a little tradition of taking the girls to 
Pump it Up instead of the mall to see Santa.
 It's pretty much shear brilliance, I feel like 
every mom should know this trick.
 There are NO OTHER KIDS waiting.
Just a casual environment where they get
to chat with Santa, no line and they get 
cookies to boot!  You take your own picture,
they don't even try to do their own to
sell to you.
 Norah ran up and said "Hi Santa!!"
So cute.
 She was pretty taken by him.
 Her hair in pigtails kills me.  I should do it more
often, it sort of makes me forgive all the naughty.
Or at least some of it.
 Love her pigtails too, the eye rolling, not so much.
 Reading with Grandma.

 Why is she growing up so fast???

 Ava is so spoiled, Auntie took her to see
The Nutcracker.  She kept rubbing it in Norah's 
face, "Sorry Norah, you don't get to go to the 
Nutcracker...Just me, you are too little."

So I told Ava we were taking Norah to Disneyland 
while she was gone.

I think she got the hint.
This is the lazy mom's version of leaving cookies 
out for Santa.  I'm sure he likes 2 week old giant 
gingerbread men right??  

I will leave you with my favorite picture of the girls
with Santa, you might have to click on it to make 
it bigger, Norah's little cheesey grin is so worth it.
Love these girls with all that I am.

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas!!
Love to all!