Christmas Day

 Christmas morning is so fun, first we head 
over to Dad & Angi's house for a nice family
 The girls love the piano, doesn't sound 
great but it sure is cute.  (for a minute)
 I love this photo.

 I see you!!
 Sisters : )
 Jess & Camille
 Jessica & Dad

 Martha & Japanzee : )
 We see you stealing presents!
Angi & Norah

 Such a lovely morning!  So much fun!

Then we are off, to the next event,
Christmas is BUSY.

Up to Mom's & John's house we go.
 Judy reading to Ava.
 Cousin Love
 I would never recognize her.

 Loves Auntie so much.
 Switched from her party dress to her
new red jump suit.
 Praise the Lord!!  : )
 So many pretty faces of Alayah...
 I just can't delete any.
 She is so adorable.
 See what I mean???
 Love them.
 Where has this crown been her whole life??
 Clearly meant to be wearing it.

 Train ride.
 A present?? Are you serious??

 So sweet.
 Baby keyboard thieves.
 Today this beautiful girl is FIVE.
Wings and all.

We couldn't love her more. 
How blessed are we??  

Merry Christmas!  Hope yours was 
filled with magic & joy and all the 
people you love.