Christmas Traditions

This year a new tradition has started in our house,
 have you heard of the Elf on the Shelf? 
 This package arrived for the kids,
 Inside was our families Elf, Flower, who watches 
the kids for Santa to see if they are behaving well.
 Ava was pretty skeptical at first but that 
first morning she found her in a funny spot 
she believed & got super excited to find her 
the next day.  She talked about Flower all 
through the day, trying to wrap her head around
how she flies back to the North Pole each night
& what she might be up to next.
 She is magic, so the kids aren't allowed to touch 
her.  Every morning when they wake up they find
her in a new spot.
 Here she is in Norah's high chair balancing 
Cheerios on her head.  

It's been really fun having a little more magic
added to our Christmas season.

 Stomping through the house in too-big boots
and a tutu.

 The kids are so excited for all the festivites
around Christmas time. It's just so fun watching
them take it all in. 

John has been introducing them to all kinds of 
old Christmas videos each night. They cuddle up
together & watch, so sweet.

This weekend we get to go to a indoor caroling 
party & our good friends are coming to town to 
have a little Christmas celebration with us.  
Should be super fun!

Have a great weekend!!


So cute! I've seen so many people do this Elf on the Shelf thing with success. Might be something I do in the future :-)