More Fun

 Here's just a few more shots from our fun night
on Saturday.
 Ava always gets excited when we break out the whipped
cream, in the past we've given her tasters of it.

 Norah begged, she hates to be left out of anything.
 The look on her face was priceless, she had no idea
what that stuff was, she looked a little tricked.
 I love this one.
 Baby Santa.
 I had to try to recreate last years fun.

 Kissing Oreo
 He's so handsome.

 We had to get Alayah in on this action!

 She's so sweet.
 Such great people.  Love them.

They adore their Daddy.  

I do too, he's the BEST.


Alaina said…
Ha, that look on Norah's face is priceless. It's the same look Aubrey gives me when she tries something new.