Happy Five.

 My smart, beautiful, silly little Ava
woke up FIVE today (yesterday now)
 My lucky, blessed little girl had her amazing
grandparents here, with her, on her special day.
 Ava requested to have her party at Papa's Pizza, 
just like last year.
 They have a great area for the kids to play.

 There are so many fun things to do there,
including a Ferris wheel, which is Ava's 
 We had lots of great friends & family
there to help us celebrate.


 Earrings?  Seriously?
 Henry : )

 Yay candy!
Auntie Linda
 Ava requested a "Rainbow Cake"
Grandma Julie nailed it with the best Cold
Stone strawberry ice cream cake ever.

 Nate (Her self proclaimed future husband)
 Beautiful Bayli
So far, I love five.

That's easy, I love everything Ava.