Ready? Um no.

Things are both coming together & getting a little hairy
over here.  My "done" list is MUCH longer then my
"to do" list which is always a good feeling. 
It's like when you enter the longest line ever but
then feel a sense of progress & relief when 
you look behind you and see that
SO MANY new people have accumulated behind you.
  A false sense of awesomeness
but I will take it!!

I stayed up until 3:30am last night wrapping presents AGAIN.
I also re-wrapped the ones Norah destroyed 
and found the home of the stack of bows she has removed.

I still have to bake all day today and get a few 
details worked out for tomorrow.
Santa will be arriving in the morning since our schedule 
is far too busy to accommodate him showing up 
on Christmas morning.

So I guess today is officially Christmas Eve Eve. 

She actually asked him for exactly what I got her, a purple bike!
If anyone needs a baby fix today please call me!! 
I happen to have a little whirlwind of destructiveness that
needs some distraction so I can get some things done!

Oh and a big shout out to my mom who took the kids
over night Wednesday.  We enjoyed our time so much!

I wish I could say that the 23.5 hours away made me
miss them like crazy but it was more like nooooooo
I'm not ready to pick them up yet!!!!

Love them, but this girl has things to do!  

Wish me luck!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!!!


Nain said…
I'd totally watch Norah, if I were closer! Merry Christmas! Hope you get everything done in time (though I have no doubt that you will!)

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