Things are busy.
My house is a mess.  
We are living out of suitcases & laundry baskets.  

Oh and I haven't really started Christmas shopping yet.  
I have taken another 3 million photos and all I really want to do
is edit pictures, play on Pinterest & veg out. 
But my household is calling and I know I won't truly be happy
until I get it all back in order.  
Hopefully that will happen sooner then later.  

Little Norah is super challenging right now.  
The cutest little handful you ever did see, but an absolute handful.  
She is in to EVERYTHING.  
Way worse then Ava ever was.  
I find myself unable to accomplish much as all I do is chase her around. 
A little constant chorus of Ava screaming
Really, aren't we all???  : )


Rachel said…
Adorable picture!!
That must be overwhelming for sure!

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