We are back.

We are back from the beach, just a quick two nighter
with a few friends.

I love these glass floats the local glass blowers make,
John & I actually found the two red, white & blue ones
on the beach a while back, which is pretty cool since it
seems like no one EVER finds the ones they put out there.
I can't believe I can just set Norah in these beanbag chairs
now, she used to sink right in, I love her sitting up!
Her tiny little toes never stay still.
We actually got to spend a lot of time down in the
sand this trip, the weather was AMAZING!
So many treasures to be found...
This was Norah's first time actually touching the sand.
She loved running her feet through the sand.
She fell back a few times. I quickly realized I needed
to bring a blanket down to set her on. Trying to keep her little
sand covered hands out of her mouth & eyes all while trying
to take pictures is TRICKY!
The next time I did better : )
Ava had a great time.
She doesn't like going anywhere near the water
but that really seems to work to my advantage
since that might get tricky too while managing
sand, picture taking and another child : )
Ava is perfectly content with playing in the sand
for hours.
Norah was plotting her chance, it won't be much longer
that the blanket will do me any good at all...sadly.
I love her eyes.
She is such a drooly little thing, I think those top teeth
are on their way.
So cute & funny.
I made Pad Thai, it's been awhile, still my favorite thing
to make. I see more of that in my near future.
Ava loves my phone : ( shocking, I know.
We had a fantastic time.
As always, can't wait to go back.
Norah's down,
she loving her new perspective of the beach : )


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