So far so fun!

As you know I have ALWAYS wanted a really cool camera.
Now I have one & I can't stop taking pictures!

Not that I could stop taking them before either,
but now it's a new kind of sickness. : )

Flowers tend to be my favorite victims so far,
well that & my kids.
Or random objects.
This is Norah's new look, it's sort of a
"you lookin at me??" kind of look.
I love it when she actually does what I want : )
In the crib, entertaining each other.
Dreaming about flying...
Alayah's Toy
Alayah's Toes, they remind me of my girls.
See? Before you know it, she too will sport
little shoes and painted nails : )
Love those teeth, except when I don't...

I love this
The detail is amazing.
I remember when I tried to take photos of this
back splash awhile back, at this rate John might
actually have to grout, lol.
It's fun to sit on one side of the room & zoom in
on things : )

Love her little face
Must be the 5th of July : )
Pretty girl
night roses
Christmas in July

These are by far my favorite flowers in our
yard, they make the best bouquets : )
Some day I hope to actually read my


Erin Walsh said…
I KNEW you would get one. What did you get?

I really want to take a class so that I can actually learn how to use it and take it off the AUTO setting. One day...
Sarah said…
@Erin Let's take the class together! That would be so fun! It's a Canon T2i & I love it like it's my third child! Now if I only knew how to use it...

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