Birthday Tears

As I laid my head down to sleep after the last fireworks
were enjoyed on the Forth of July I said a little prayer.

I have always said prayers before I go to bed.
A great man got me in the habit of that.

This particular evening, the night before my birthday
I prayed that Grandpa would let go.
That he would go and be with the Lord and reunite with
his beautiful wife, my grandmother Bonnie.

I knew that was what he wanted.
He was tired, tired of barely existing, tired of depending
on people for everything. Exhausted from his body working
so hard to recover every next set back over and over again.

So I said a little prayer,
and the next morning it was answered.
He got his wish.
It was time.

Grandpa lived a full rich life filled with laughter & lots
of love. He danced, he played, he partied it up.
He enjoyed everyday to the fullest.

He loved us all and we all adored him.

So it may of not made for the best birthday,
but I did get my wish. Grandpa is at peace now.
I was reminded again the power of prayer.

I ended up with a birthday filled with memories
of a wonderful man so close to my heart.
I got to hold tight to my family and rejoice in
a life lived to the fullest.

Rest in Peace Donald A. Torgeson
February 5, 1926 - July 5, 2011



Nain said…
God Bless your Grandpa - he sounds like one amazing man. This post is making me tear up a bit because my grandpa is kind of the same way right now...very ill, wanting to be with my grandma in heaven. It's so tough, but you can be assured that he is with God and watching over you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this time.
guzzi guy said…
His last years were enhanced by your presence. He was very fortunate to have you by his side through the tough going. I am glad he is at peace now and I am glad that we have you as a role model in taking care of those that we love.

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