I hate to admit this but we have still not completed that
final stage of potty training. Ava has been wearing pulls
ups at night FOREVER.

I just couldn't bring myself to get brave enough to deal
with all the fun-ness that comes along with this next step.
I kept thinking she would just grow out of the wet pull up
stage and soon she would be dry every morning when
she woke up then we would just quit.

Sounds nice right?

Well turns out she isn't ever going to just do that on
her own. So I talked it up and got her all on board
with the "No More Pull Up's" game plan, which
was all set to start on my birthday after we returned home
from our trip. You know, the same day grandpa died, we
got home late from our trip, went out to dinner with my
dad then I left to go mourn with my family and John took
the kids home.

He wasn't up for that being The Day. He grabbed
a pull up and tried to convince Ava that she should
wear one for just one more night.
She flat out refused.
No surprise there.
She LOVES to go against what ever you want her to do.

Pretty sure we are in bed wetting hell now. Just as I had
anticipated. She has wet the bed almost every night, even
with me waking her up in the middle of the night to go pee.
We limit her beverages, take her potty right before bed,
threaten her life, all the things you are supposed to do.

So here she is taking her morning bath, which is now a
necessity. (She convinced me to put Norah's baby tub
in there with her, pretty cute!)
And guess what she says to us when we had our millionth
big talk with her about the whole situation?
Me: "Ava I really don't like having to wash your sheets
every day, this peeing in the bed thing has got to stop."
Her: "Well maybe you can just get Daddy to help you change
the sheets every day."

Gee thanks.
She doesn't even wake up if she pees!
Isn't that WEIRD??

Ok moving on, here are a few cute pictures of Norah,
the good child. : )
I love how you can see her eyelashes shadowing on
the wall in this one.
She is so cute but she sure does make you work
for that smile.
Although sometimes I can just get her laughing
and it seems she will never stop :)
My little trouble maker.
Today in the car Ava says "That car is a dude,
he is driving really slow."
Turns out I yell "DUDE!!" at other cars when they
are going too slow, now she thinks that's what dude
means, slow cars. lol.

Look Mom, no hands!
Seriously cute.
After swimming today I took Ava up to see baby
Alayah. She got to hold her, she says she is heavy.
7lbs, 4ozs, exactly what Ava weighed : )
We got pedicures the other day, Ava got to come along
for a polish change : )
Chris probably thinks Norah is huge now.
I wonder if he see's a glimpse of his daughter's
future as he gazes down at her...
Momma in love
Hold on tight
Grandma times three equals LOVE
Later that evening we went up to Mom's house to
see all the out of town family that was here
on a visit. Norah got to watch Ava jump on the
trampoline, she can't wait until it's her turn!
I love the midair drool in this one.
She crashed out on Grandpa John's tummy, so cute.
So I am still at a loss about what to do about this
no pull up situation. She doesn't seem like she is
learning anything so far. I don't want to go backwards
and use pull ups again so I'm sticking with my plan.

Even if that means 854 loads of laundry a week.

If you are into the stock market, I would
totally go with Purex, just sayin'...


A Scholar Heart said…
Yr blog is superb. It throbs with love and life. Yr profile is charming too.
By the way, I am in the same boat as yours. My 3 year old refuses to poo without a diaper and bed wetting has just begun. I am dead sick of diapers now and wish all the diaper companies would close down.
Keep posting. Yr blog is not only entertaining but motivating too.

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