Summer in JULY!!

With Summer finally upon us in LATE JULY
we can spend mornings doing things like this:
Norah's a little jealous.
She can't just rip off her clothes and jump in a pool
when ever she wants...yet.
Oh well, she finds happiness in other places,
like mommy making funny faces at her.
We took the kids to feed the ducks & geese today.
Here is Norah sleeping through it.
It's really more about Ava anyway,
she loves feeding these giant hissing creatures.
Here is one yelling at me, I didn't even have food.
Maybe he just wanted me to take his picture?
Thankfully Bayli is here this weekend.
She even got to join us for a super fun BBQ with
some of my favorite old friends.
Bayli & Norah
Flying baby!
Bayli is so good with the kids, they just love her!
It's nice to finally be getting a taste of real Summer
weather, it's nearly time to start complaining about it
being too hot, almost. : )


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