Hat Tricks

I love this hat,
but for now it has become the perfect camera bag.
Unless Ava steals it.
Actually, I am totally ok with that.
Could the child look cuter, seriously?
Every time I look at this little face I feel
overwhelmed with happiness.
Oh by the way, I am giving up on the whole no
pull up thing. She is not ready.
Apparently you can't force these things.
Just ask me, I have tried. : )
So I'm going to give her some more time.
Try a sticker reward chart.
If that doesn't work, we are going with shock treatment.
So for her sake, pray this works.

Norah looks cute in the hat too, sort of...
She MUST look cute in the hat because jealous
little Ava stole it right off her head, claiming
that I have enough pictures of Norah.
I assure you, I do not.
Here, how about both kids??
Is that better???
Everything in the mouth, that's how she rolls.
But out of all the hat photos,
this one is my favorite:
Does that mean she wins????


guzzi guy said…
So much cuteness in one house!