Liberty Lake, Round ONE!!

So here we are again, back in Liberty Lake,
enjoying my absolute favorite yard in the world.
So, if you know me, you can assume there are going to
be A LOT of pictures. And really that would be true
under normal circumstances but this is a special occasion!

My wonderful friend Billy loaned me her fancy camera!!!
It's pretty much my dream come true!

So consider this round 1 of a million photos to come...

I really have no idea what I am doing but it is fun playing
none the less.

Their yard is filled with so many wonderful photo

I just love it!!

I feel really thankful that Billy loves me enough
not only to borrow her camera but her favorite lens
& her flash! Amazing!

This house is for sale by the way,
this could all be yours... : )

We are looking forward to tomorrow, John's sister
Anne & niece Brianna will be joining the party!

I'm probably going to take 100 more pictures of this
yard tomorrow too and the day after that.

However I figure it's kind of like eye candy so
who could really mind, right??

I found it much trickier to take photos inside.
But how cute are these two??

Love our sweet girl.
She adores her wonderful father and that
couldn't make me happier.
I could tell an immediate change in Ava this time when
we arrived. The baby was circled with attention and
she waited on the sidelines for everyone to notice her.
It broke my heart seeing her sad little face.

But she is a sister now, the light doesn't only shine on her.
She didn't have to wait long for the grandparents to
start ogling over her anyway.
Out the window.
My girl, she was PERFECT the whole 7 hours in
the car.
She's his girl too.
Look at the way she is looking at him,
melts my heart.
Hello Kitty
Old one armed doll with springy legs : )
I had so much fun playing with Billy's camera,
I need to get me one!! : )


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