Food & Things...

Ava is endlessly fascinated with all things in the yard.
Sometimes you can replace the word fascinated with
"terrified" if we are talking about anything that moves,
but over all she loves it out there.

It is her and daddy's thing.
So cute.

We all love the veggies out there, having a garden is awesome!
Each of our meals start much like this:
Even Ava loves the veggies, she very often just picks
them & eats them right off the vine.
I personally need a little more flavor added to mine : )
Norah wants a piece of this outdoor action too.
For now that mostly means being stuck in this thing.
Which I love.
Could she seriously be cuter??
This child has stolen my heart in a way I thought
was no longer possible.
She brings me right back to those first months with
Ava where I thought I would just die of happiness.
Or lack of sleep.

Here we are over at Grandpa & Grandma's house,
Ava tries to eat them out of house and home.
The girl asked for about 15 different things,
each time ending the snack with her typical
statement, often in a sing-song voice,
"But I'm still hungry!"
I thought this was pretty cute of Bayli & Norah : )
Great Grandma loves the kiddos too!
This was taken the other day at Sammy's birthday party,
lovin' the new shades!
In other news, it turns out Norah HATES avocados.
I kept offering them to her and over and over she
just kept gagging & making these awful faces.

Like any good mother I offered her another bite and
grabbed my camera.

What else could I do, really?


Nain said…
Good for Ava for liking her vegetables! That's great for such a little kiddo! And I agree, Norah is a beautiful little girl...growing up so fast!
Rhi said…
So many good pics on this one :)
I hope to have a Veggie garden next summer, I miss the fresh pickings right at my hand! But yours always looked better. John has some yard and garden skills!

Love Norahs avocado rejection

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