Monday, November 11, 2013

How to get invited to a wedding...

 Ever want an invite to a wedding but you know there is no way your going to make the cut?  The bride and groom can only invite a very small group of people, so what's a girl to do?? 
 Cater it!  Yes, why not??!
 You may be thinking...
Oh but I didn't know you catered weddings Sarah?
 Well I'm not going to let a little detail like that stop me!!
 So yeah, I'm catering a wedding on Tuesday. 
 Tuesday seems odd I know, but the date is 11-12-13 and I also hear getting married on a Tuesday is supposed to be very lucky!
Anyhow, I'm super excited.  I've been very busy running around, planning, shopping, and preparing things.  Tomorrow I will go to set up the last minute details.  Yay!  I can't wait!  This has been so fun!  I could totally see going into business doing something like this, I really love it.  That or a personal shopper.  That's my dream job.  I love to shop outside of the cost of it, but to MAKE MONEY doing it?  Well that would be amazing!
These are just a few funny photos of the girls "helping" me in the kitchen over the weekend.  They are so silly and sweet.  I absolutely adore this picture of Ava!!

Wish me luck!  I hope it all turns out perfectly!  Should be fun, none the less.  : )