Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy, happy.

I'm so thankful as we cross into vacation land, my wonderful husband gets to get a break, and we all get to spend tons of time with many of our favorite people.  It's going to be great!
 Here's our little cowgirl, at least for today.

 I can just picture looking back on this photo years from now, studying the things in the background, the toys they played with, their sweet little room, a tiny touch of how messy they can be... : )

 A picnic, they love those.
 It's not always super conducive to eating.
 Love her face.
 Crazy kids.  They both got up and walked away when they decided it was no longer working out. The blanket it tiny, not much room for a wiggly Norah and her nearly six year old sister.
 Norah & Bayli chillin.

Bayli and I had a great day, she did my Shred video with me as well as hot yoga in the evening.  She did so great!  We also got a ton of things knocked off my to-do list today, got to love that!
Nor wearing Bay's belt, she was so proud.  

Not sure I will be blogging much over the next few days, might be too busy playing, but you never know.  

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!