Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday FUNNY.

 So Ava drew this giraffe.  

She brought it to me in a stack of other drawings, much of them similar to ones I'd seen before.  I sent her into John's office to show him her artwork.  I didn't hear him respond at all, so I called out from the kids room, "Did you see the giraffe?  I love that one!"  (It's not that I thought it was some masterpiece, I was just happy to see her drawing something new)  John comes into the girls room holding Ava's drawing sideways and says....


 "So mommy LOVES the giraffe huh??"

Um yeah, we will be saving this one to give back to her at her wedding shower or some event where she will be able to appreciate the humor in it. 

She says "Daddy says you should post this on Facebook!"  Then later asked if I did, I told her it had become quite popular on there.  : )